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Room For Two – Perth Maternity and Nursing Store

Where are we located?

Room for Two has recently merged with The Blushing Fox (hopefully we haven’t confused you with the redirects!), with this merge we can now show you our beautiful stock in our beautiful store in Subiaco. We are also open 6 days a week! no appointments necessary. Monday – Saturday call the store 

When are we open?

We are open 6 days a week! Our shop is located at 144 Rokeby Rd Subiaco WA 6008 

Why should you buy maternity clothes?

It is an important time in your life, it may ‘only’ be 9 months but that is at least 1 season – how much would you normally buy in 1 year? If you are lucky enough to have more than 1 baby, it is definitely worth investing in some key maternity pieces!

When should I start buying maternity clothing?

As soon as you feel uncomfortable! Everyone is different, some may require at 12 weeks others not until much later. Investing in a few key pieces such as a pair of jeans, good quality leggings, some basic tops – double up on your investment with dual maternity/nursing wear! At The Blushing Fox we have key pieces for all seasons and occasions!

Can I just buy normal clothes a size larger?

Buying a size larger isn’t really ideal – tops will ‘cling’ in places they shouldn’t and the length won’t be there. Pants will eventually not fit properly and they will dig in. Most quality maternity jeans are great for the post-partum period as well, while your body works its miracles and slowly heals itself. Maternity clothes are designed to fit for the entire pregnancy and post-partum period

How will I know what size maternity clothing I need?

We suggest you buy the sizes you would as if you are not pregnant. Maternity brands cater for the widening of hips and the increase in bust. If you do put on more weight in pregnancy or expecting multiples then go up in size like with any weight gain. On the website we will also advise if the clothes are a smaller or larger cut. The most important thing is how you feel when you are wearing the item – ignore the sizing tag!

Bust wise most people will go up 1 or 2 cup sizes. Its important to measure yourself or get a professional fitting around 20 weeks or when you notice your old bras are too small. Buying a dual maternity and nursing bra is a great investment – underwire isn’t recommended while feeding.

What is the difference between a maternity bra and a normal bra?

We are so lucky to have so many amazing nursing lingerie brands available in Australia. Each brand is a little different but many have similar features. When buysing a bra with all the features! Look out for:

  • Extended hook and eye clips on the back strap
  • No under-wire
  • Wide shoulder straps
  • Soft cotton lining for comfort
  • Inner sling for support inside the cup and to keep straps in place while feeding.
  • No under-wire

Special Occasion coming up?

We stock a beautiful range of dresses! From wowing your colleagues at the next board meeting to your special baby shower dress. Again these dresses are so versatile that many can be worn post pregnancy!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!

Brand Rep T'c&C's

We are always looking for amazing Brand Reps who have great styling generally we work on 4 monthly contract periods.
Brand Reps will receive 1 item per month in exchange for at least 1 high quality style image per week (for 4 months).
These images will potentially be put on our Instagram, Facebook and website however you will always be credited and tagged for your work.
Please let any mums or mamas to be who you think would love this opportunity!

If you would love to be part of this amazing opportunity, please follow the below steps:
✔ Like the bradn rep search post and follow us @theblushingfoxmaternity
✔ Repost this image with the hashtag #blushingfoxBRsearch
✔ Tag us in at least 2 photos in your clothes to show your bump style using @theblushingfoxmaternity and #blushingfoxBRsearch
✔ Your profile MUST be public and you must be active on instagram
✔ Be an Australian resident

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