BIBS Dummies Stockist Perth Australia. If you are looking for BIBS we bring you one of the best selections in Australia shipping Australia wide.

BIBS have been loved by babies worldwide for over 40 years. Besides their amazing collection of colours, it is mainly because of the old fashion cherry teat nipple which babies simply seem to love and prefer. The shield is concave which allows for airflow around baby’s mouth. The complete dummy is lightweight. And the colours are amazing and fun to choose from.

We strive to always stock colours such as blush, glow night, sage, baby blue and all the other favourites. We also love the colourful ones such as Pistachio, Baby Pink, Sunshine and more.

Size 1 is great for newborn up to 6 months of age. Some may use it longer or move over to Size 2 which is great for ages 6-18 months. We also stock size 3 for ages 18m+.

We recommend you throw out dummies that has been used 4-6 weeks and replace them with new ones. Reason one is to make sure the dummy is fresh and intact. Reason 2 is that sometimes the natural rubber nipple can expand leaving baby frustrated when being introduced to a new dummy which now seems too small.

Please follow the packaging advice on how to sterilise and look after baby’s dummy for safety reasons.

Enjoy our colour rainbow collection – shop BIBS online or in one of our shops in Perth – Freo SOR or Whitfords NOR near Joondalup

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