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Discover the amazing Haakaa breastpumps

Haakaa Breast Pump

Haakaa breastpumps – collect all that liquid gold – minimise wastage!

Build a stash effortlessly – while baby is feeding on one side, attach the pump and let it draw out milk naturally from the other side. No cords, no batteries, just a genius way to collect and make use of that breastmilk.

Store the nutrition for that time you are not around and baby needs a feed.
It has amazing antibody properties which may aid in keeping baby well and healthy kicking those bacterias butts, it may also be used to heal conjunctivitis, aid with eczema and more.

Don’t get to use your supplies? Donate it or make gorgeous milk baths for baby! Shop the range here!

Pregnancy and Recovery Support

Pregnancy & Postnatal Recovery Compression Garments

Not enjoying your pregnancy as much as you think you should, because of pain in your pelvis area, feeling heavy, back pain, varicose veins? Having difficulties just walking around even at home? SRC Pregnancy garment is made to bring back the joy in your pregnancy, giving relief and support where you need it the most. Read more about SRC Pregnancy garments to find out if this is right for you.

If you would like to recover faster, the Recovery garments aid exactly that, helping abdominal muscle separation, lower back pain and so much more. Make lifting, bathing and caring for your baby much easier, even aiding in posture while feeding.

Healthcare rebates may be available depending your insurance provider.

Enjoy your pregnancy and recovery with less pain and more support wearing SRC Health. Your health is top priority now more than ever so that you can focus on your little one


“Even through all this COVID19 stuff Lene has been fantastic to shop with. I purchased items online and collected and the entire experience was easy and smooth. i cannot wait for her store to re-open to check out all her products.”

April Canny

“Love this store. Found it by chance on holiday as we walked down High Street in Freo. Gorgeous clothing, all on trend and beautifully displayed.
The service was amazing too.”

Alexandra Staak

“Great quality clothing and baby items. So great to have the opportunity to try on clothes because shopping online during pregnancy is very hit and miss! I also found some baby Haakaa pieces I couldn’t find anywhere else.”

Alexandria McLeod

Our vision

Room For Two strives to offer comfortable and supportive maternity and nursing wear without compromising on style.
We source quality outfits from reputable brands, always looking for clothing made with natural materials where possible, making them a breathable, affordable and eco friendly option – to last you through the entire pregnancy, nursing and even the next pregnancy/being past on.
Maternity and nursing wear does NOT have to look daggy or be a waste of money! 

Some brands we stock